MS-6153 VER 2.1 DRIVER

Like many high-end Tyan and Supermicro motherboards, the MSI features an on-board PC speaker that can be disabled via a jumper, however for those users that want a little more than the annoying beeps out of your PC speaker, the on-board Creative Labs ES PCI sound processor will fill in the void. The slot 1 design solved this problem by putting the CPU and cache in separate packages on an installable module. It is also close to the end of configuring major component with jumpers, replaced with auto-detection and software control. Only a few ports like serial and parallel have external chips driving them. This board was donated to me quite some time ago, and luckily it works.

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This turns out to be important as it allows both the GPU and CPU to access the video memory at the same time, which reduces latency when writing to the video memory. Although this particular board still has a few jumpers. Ms-6513 board has a VIA chip-set and is marked MS, but if you search for that online you turn up a board that looks almost identical but has veer Intel chip-set instead.

Longer loading times arise from the need to pre-load the scene data to the graphic card, whilst veer IO bus can be exceptionally fast, the logic in the graphic card and the speed of the system and graphic memory limit the throughput.

Some older systems had a separate graphics chip that utilised the main system RAM, and others actually integrated some VRAM on the board. They initially designed another socket, which was called socket 8, this saw limited production as there was a problem with how the cache was integrated onto the CPU.

When this cer was made SCSI was the go-to standard for server hard disks, mostly because of how much faster it was, but also because you could connect more disks to one controller. This particular offering from ASUS was obviously a commodity board with sockets for the older but cheaper main memory, the lower chip count and small form factor.


Microstar MS-6153 Socket-370 BX Preview

Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The utility allows you to select the Front Side Bus ms-615 of your system, as well as tweak the core voltage from 2. It’s that time again, a new processor has been released, and with it, a new wave of motherboards will follow. The ATX standard is superior in terms of electrical safety, and cannot be connected incorrectly.

The bundled CD-ROM includes all the basic driver files, in addition to the SoftCooler utility mentioned 21., and Microstar’s inhouse developed System Monitor software that basically outputs the same information values voltages, etc This site uses cookies.

It does however require the CPU to communicate via the IO bus to issue scene data and rendering commands. This board was donated to me quite some time ago, and luckily it works.

MS User Manual – MSI Motherboard ATX

The CPU configuration block has no markings at all, requiring you to look up the manualwhich luckily is still available. Later Super Socket 7 boards increased performance for pretty much any processor because of this.

To hide the fact they had a chipset like that they stuck stickers with the chip markings of other manufacturers over the laser etchings. Not so much a technical achievement, but interesting to see. It is a late socket 3 board that supports fast chips and the Pentium Overdrive. From a technicians standpoint this is horrendous. There are far fewer chips on this board compared to the older Gigabyte board I photographed last time.

Around the main chips are some of the reference silk-screen, which are quite handy, but are unfortunately quite distant from the jumpers they are a reference for!


Firstly there is an un-avoidable loss of memory bandwidth in the form of video signal generation. In use they usually proved to be slower and less reliable than just using a cable. Also note the very large power diodes very near to the SCSI port, quite an unusual feature! It could have fitted a smaller chassis than normal. Most scene data textures and meshes are pre-loaded into the graphic memory so the load on the IO bus is minimised.

Modern PCs with on-board graphics also usually share the system memory with the GPU, and this is where the performance hit usually originates from. This would require either dedicated memory on the main board or an extra socket for it which would add to the cost, so I feel that would be unlikely.

Somewhat hinting at the trend motherboard manufacturers will follow inMSI equipped the with Wake up Lan, Modem, and Keyboard support, in addition to the increasingly popular Power-On Keyboard feature which was originally introduced by Epox with their motherboards. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Last time I powered it on only one processor fan appeared to power up, I need to spend some time to determine if the power supply I have for it is the cuplrit or if this board has suffered some kind failure.

Surprisingly it was a mainboard, a time when overclocking meant replacing the crystal oscillator. There are also some rudimentary overclocking features on the board. Unfortunately the CMOS battery is dead and cannot be easily replaced on this particular board.