MS-6153 VER 2.1 DRIVER

Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Like the Dataexpert board, this one comes from a transitional time for computer technology. This must have caused some confusion at the time. I think a part of around Mhz would probably suite it better. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. This graphic memory is usually dual ported, or in the case of modern GDDR5 which is capable of accessing two pages of memory simultaneously effectively dual ported although only having one.

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The final retail version of the board may change that, however we’ll have to wait to find out. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

Judging .21 the date codes it was made in late Modern PCs with on-board graphics also usually share the system memory with the GPU, and this is where the performance hit usually originates from.

This particular offering from ASUS was obviously a commodity board with sockets for the older but fer main memory, the lower chip count and small form factor.

From a technicians standpoint this is horrendous. Some older systems had a separate graphics chip that utilised the main system RAM, and others actually integrated some VRAM on the board.

After all on-board graphics is all about reducing the cost. Where these components actually reside depends on the age of the system. Around the main chips are some of the reference silk-screen, which are quite handy, but are unfortunately quite distant from the jumpers they are a reference for!

Longer loading times arise from the need to pre-load the scene data to the graphic card, whilst the IO bus can be exceptionally fast, the logic in the graphic card and the speed of the system and graphic memory limit the throughput. Sometimes a board will continue to function like this, but it usually means the board is about to fail.

Microstar MS-6153 Socket-370 BX Preview

Unfortunately the CMOS battery is dead and cannot be easily replaced on this particular board. It had something like 16Mb, but probably could have taken more. It was an interesting period as much of the early legacy technology such as the ISA bus was fading out, marking the beginning of the end for complete backwards compatibility.


About Links Code Downloads Series index. Unlike most implementations of the AMD supported Super7 motherboard standard, Socket is being approached with a more high-end approach, most motherboards featuring the same basic configuration as their more expensive ms6-153 counterparts, with a few more ve to keep up to date with the times. Here is the board is all its glory, note how integrated this chipset is.

The bundled CD-ROM includes all the basic driver files, in addition to the SoftCooler utility mentioned above, and Microstar’s inhouse developed System Monitor software that basically outputs the same information values voltages, etc It does however require the CPU to communicate via the IO bus to issue scene data and rendering commands.

I may be able to get a replacement, or Veg might have to hack this chip to disconnect the internal battery and attach my own external battery.

Speaking of power supply, check out the bulk capacitors next to the CPU slot. The board js-6153 off with an extremely well laid out design, the ATX power supply connector is placed at the very edge of the motherboard, away from any major components like the CPU socket and allows for the ATX specification to be properly adhered to.

Last time I powered it on vrr one processor fan appeared to power up, Js-6153 need to spend some time to determine if the power supply I have for it is the cuplrit or if this board has suffered some kind failure.

MSI MS Motherboard Manual & User Guide – Fixya

On-board GPUs have a significant advantage in some areas, such as the CPU being able to write draw essentially directly to the frame buffer, and the GPU being able to read texture data directly from system memory. Luckily, if you happen to be that hard-core gamer type, MSI offers the on-board sound as an option, and you can knock a few bucks off the mms-6153 cost by opting to stick with the plain board and no on-board sound.


In service this probably would have been quite a good board and would have been capable of carrying some of the more cutting edge processors for the time.

When this board was made SCSI was the go-to standard for server hard disks, mostly because of how much faster it was, but also because you could connect more disks to one controller.

This turns out to be important as it allows both the GPU and CPU to access the video memory at the same time, which reduces latency when writing to the video memory.

The only real disadvantages of the discrete graphics vwr are slightly increased loading times, and slower access to Graphic memory.

MS-6153 VER:2.1 industrial motherboard CPU Card 100% fully tested working MS-6153

Only a few ports like serial and parallel have external chips driving them. Like many Socket 3 boards, this one will take both 3. I guess technology of its era is more robust than much of what has come later. I found the manual for this board fairly quickly but was surprised to not find it on the ASUS website.

Microstar MS Socket BX Preview

Due to the fact that the Socket Celerons are clock-locked, MSI auto-detects the clock-multiplier of the installed CPU and doesn’t even bother with allowing you the option of configuring the inconfigurable setting, makes sense. It is also close to the end of configuring major component with jumpers, replaced with auto-detection and software control. The on-board video is a nice feature if you were trying to save cash, but would have been a problem for anyone vr for better performance.