GPRS allows faster data transfer speeds. Enter text from picture: Last Call Amount spent on the last call you dialed or received. This type of connection can be identified by a GPRS indicator in the idle display that disappears when you start a micro- browser session. To download pictures or animations, see page

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If a phone is placed in the air bag deployment area and the air bag inflates, the phone mldem be propelled with great force and cause serious injury to occupants of the vehicle. To view your phone number from the idle display, press M.

Line Security If your phone displays Line Motprola Secure while you are on a call, your phone has detected another device monitoring the call. Page 28 number, viewing your own micro-browser animation numeric text entry method Browser Menu defined functions go back to previous page 1-touch dial defined 63 Java applications e308 preference picture using 63 sound When the game is over, you can purchase more advanced This page was last edited on 19 Augustat Page Hide Memory memory size in the application list view.

List of Motorola products – Wikipedia

Receiving Information Service Messages Call Number Call a number in motlrola chat log, if available. The datebook is a calendar that lets you schedule and organize events such as appointments and meetings. Page 88 prefix digits, inserting 63 PUK code ringer ID sorting entries 98 speed dial number 63, 90 quick dial speed dial, using 63 setting number storing an entry 89, 90 using Page 2 G in the display.


Air bags inflate with great force. When you communicate with your phone, the system handling your call controls the power level motorla which your phone transmits.

Finally, your computer may have deactivated the port to save power. Do have at least one segment you see 6 in showing 7.

Page Making a or Talk and Fax Call You can place a call where you talk and then send a fax to the same phone number within the same call. Page 98 Your phone hides all phonebook entries except for the members of the category you selected. Tap Extended Enter letters, numbers, and symbols by pressing a key 1 or more times see page Page Download an Application From a Computer See page for instructions on connecting your phone to a computer.

Download an Application From a Computer See page for instructions on connecting your phone to a computer. Contact your service provider to set up access, if necessary. You can set the datebook to play a reminder alarm for specific events. Page 78 The oldest messages are deleted automatically as specified by the inbox Cleanup setting. Page 19, Add Digits feature 61 54,alarm clock installing 16 alert level indicator 19, 28, 30 creating block cursor, defined 36 defined 50 browser.

Motorola PARMANENT Network Unlock Code for Motorola E380 – EE UK

Locking and Unlocking Your Phone You can lock your phone manually or set it to lock automatically whenever you turn it off. Insert one or more of the following Best smartwatches this year.


Alert represents the current alert style. Please see the List of Freescale products for more information. Technology – There are two main screen technologies currently used in phones and tablets: Page 71 Description ,odem Fields select which optional fields will not appear in your Message form Autosignature enter text to attach to the end of all of your messages Download choose to download new messages automatically, or to Defer see page 75 Page Page 87 If you exit the chat log without selecting End Chatand your chat partner sends another message, your phone notifies you and adds it to the chat log.

Contact your service provider to obtain the following information, if necessary. The former usually features a light f380 and liquid crystals, while the latter is based on organic light-emitting diodes. Changing the Active Line Change the active phone line to make and receive calls from your other phone number.