News, products, problems and results. My personal technique is to use the lambda and torque values on the dyno and watch these while adjusting the EOI angle. May 25, at 7: There is a webinar on the subject here: This email is already in use. As you move in the right direction you will find the lambda moves richer as the same volume of fuel is being injected but it’s being injected at a point where it can more easily mix with the air and hence combust properly.

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Overview How to Choose Injectors Fuel Pumps Sizing The amount of fuel injected is determined by the time the injector is open controlled by the ECU and the physical size of the internal passage ways inside the injector.

Motec m Injection Timing(help)

I have read that I can adjust injection timing and look for the richest lambda at each RPM and load. ID Looking at the calibration I taught the mapper will just fill in the relevant parametersmaybe based on values you supply to the mapper, if so do you have a list of what injectors you have characterised, so I can verify whats available and best suited for my setup?

Vas C Vas Chatz. Injector sizing is commonly identified by stating the flow rate, which is the amount of fuel that flows through the injector when held fully open for one minute. If injectors are used that haven’t been characterised, then the M1 can struggle to maintain the lambda target. Register Please enter your details below to register for an account. You may also have the cost of the postage back and forth for the injectors as well.


This requires different operating currents to open them.

I found Injector Mtec http: This is important at idle and low throttle openings where the required opening times are small. There is a webinar on the subject here: Google [Bot] and 2 guests.

Users browsing this forum: I use “End of injection”. As a rule of thumb you will need 5. If they are not, and are still inejctor standard, then you can organise through one of our dealers to have the injectors returned notec us for calibration, this normally is a two week turnaround once we receive the injectors.

High ohm injectors need low current to open. Have a look through this list and see if your injectors are listed. The impedance resistance of different injectors can vary from 0. Don’t have an account?

This provides the M1 with the information needed to be able to calculate the pulse width value for the lambda target. I don’t understand completely how I can adjust injection timing. If you hold the engine in steady state on the dyno and advance or retard the timing by say 20 degrees at a time, you can watch the effect on both lambda and torque. If the injectors are factory standard, unmodified and have the standard part jnjector on them, then the characterisation testing is free of charge.


Register here I’ve lost my password.

May 25, at As you move through the map you will see a pattern emerge of the preferred injection timing and should be able to follow this through the map. Low ohm injector have a much faster opening time. Home Products Engine Management Best solution for me?

Test the sensors, Test the ignition, Test the injectors – MoTeC M84 User Manual

Once you have found the lambda plateaus you can then remove fuel from your main fuel map and this will benefit fuel economy and may show a small increase in engine torque.

I would either get the injectors characterised, or replace them with another set of injectors that are already in the list, if you do not want your car off of the road for that period of time.

Understand that the sort of gains you are likely to see from injection timing are often small though.

The amount of fuel injected is determined by the time the injector is open controlled by the ECU and the physical size of the internal passage motsc inside the injector. They do not need current control as the high resistance ensures that the current does not build to dangerous levels.

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