Sorry I couldnt be of more help on the subject matter. Forums Posts Latest Posts. But now when using the latest driver for windows 8 bit from your site, it does not work, using the same usb ports as before. I tried installing the Windows 7 driver and it worked for a little bit, but I ended up getting a blue screen and a Bad Pool Header message. It doesnt matter if the ports I used were 2. Midisport drivers, and Midisport loader drivers. Official Representatives Dan R Employee.

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See the article below for pictures of the different generations: Lack of M-Audio drivers has hindered me from going from bit to bit, and so now I get to reinstall and bring both my systems into the bit realm. If a language wundows is given, select your language. Jul 30, Messages: No problems updating to I have never updated, because I run on a dedicated PC to computer music.

I’m interested in this as well. The first time I tried updating I thought the Uno was not working, like qindows. The M-Audio Midisport Uno is a usb 1×1 midi interface that is compacted into cable form, thus making it pretty easy to connect a single midi device to a computer without the need for any additional midi cables. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m not sure how accurate of a test it was, because when I exited Sonar, the MIDI port setup was dumped by Sonar, but if I remember correctly this was a problem with Sonar 6.


Will it ruin my unit — or just not update?

There appear to be no 8. Overview Topics Products People Change log. Do you have access to another computer to test with?

Midisport Uno windows x64 driver

Has anyone else tried this? If someone else could test the drivers with a later version of Sonar on Win 7 bit, that would be great.

I tried installing the Windows 7 driver and it worked for a little bit, but I ended up getting a blue screen and a Bad Pool Header message. We would like to remind our members that this is a privately owned, run and supported forum.

Otherwise, we’d have to conclude an unoo system based conflict. I guess it makes me think more now because of all that stuff in the disclaimer on the download page about “damages”. Treewiz, I suggest you use AxeEdit to update as I did.

Can any one representing m-audio tell me if m-audio intends to release a windows 8. I’m certain it will be in the trash pile midiport soon.

The only mixisport this thing could be used in a studio environment is as a step recorder, not a real time recorder. Never had a problem of saturation. It allows me to get a plethora of sounds with my keyboard that would not be possible without controlling it via MIDI.


Did you know that your browser is out of date?

I should have bought a 8×8 a month ago when people were giving them away. Community-powered support for M-Audio.

No, create an account now. Once midisporh from my DAW, Sonar’s latency and reliability improved dramatically – it was like having a brand new computer. I wanted to record MIDI in real time, but this piece of junk is way too slow with way too much latency for this purpose. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Being in cable form has it’s advantages, but it can also be awkward if, for example, the cable does not reach far enough, or if in a certain wiring, the central box floats awkwardly in the air.

David Delbridge Resort Records Inc Or, better still, the new OS wouldn’t automatically require new drivers for your outboard jno. Then of course go into “Midi Settings