Works great, but does not scale in full-screen mode due to known bug non-accelerated X11 problem. BenQ Joybook S32B built-in 1. Ironic since I checked uvcvideo for useable webcams before buying it If Automounting is disable via gconf-editor, then webcam works. If you don’t have that library already installed, install it with “apt-get install libv4l-0” first.

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Camera originally worked in webcam, but not in Skype.

Had to invoke from terminal with following command note that package ubhntu The time now is This camera was added to Karmic kernel 2. Can you share the procedure you used to find this problem, and hopefully I’ll be able to detect the problems on my box?

On another computer with the Radeon driver the video crashed after a few minutes. As of this writing JulySkype Beta is version 2.

If you use Cairo-dock, you are probably using the OpenGL version. After first installation, I had to log out and log in again; before that, Skype found “no device available” for “webcam” Logitech Webcam C Disconnecting the camera system back running again without slowing down.


Works, but poor picture quality. I thought that it might have something to do with the resolution but even at the most lowest of resolutions I still end up with the same problem. This may differ from the list of webcams working in general on Ubuntu, given here. Also work with Ekiga and aMSN. Works fine out of the box Logitech Quickcam Pro 7.

Microsoft LifeCam Studio with Flash and openmeetings on Ubuntu

Plug and play does not work. Try unplugging all other USB devices except the camera. Had to upgrade gspca driver to latest version to work. Camera works in any application, for run it with Skype you have to launch it with: In windows the webcam works perfectly with openmeetings and flash; so i think it’ uvcvideo driver the problem or v4l library.

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema with Ubuntu –

When I press record on the app my webcam turns on but when I speak into it or clap in front of it and replay I don’t get anything. Works out sturio the box, but Compiz must be turned off due to Intel X video card. Mustek gSmart Mini 9. Sign up using Facebook.


Getting Microsoft LifeCam Cinema working in Ubuntu 18.04

Likewise, ensure that video input is correctly defined. Not sure if audio works. If perhaps I need to give more information about my problem then I can do so, if perhaps my thread was created in the wrong area then I can create it in the proper area.

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Invalid argument I’ve tested it in cheese, camorama and skype and it works. If you want any information tell me. Logitech Quickcam Etudio 7. Logitech HD Webcam C Having a problem logging in? The patch also works with Skype 2. You should setup ov51x-jpeg version here: Ekiga works too after defining input sources to USB2.

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