This programming tool is suitable for mass production and has already been used in mass production by many customers for many years. Postpone the calibration due date: If you use an external 5V power supply, then you can connect the scope to the output pin pin5 for SO8 and check the changes. Programming Answer Melexis does not recommend in the field reprogramming of our IC’s. You can not use the SPI mode to get control of the optimal magnetic field strength.

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If yes the do you have any application code using which i can read values? It means kelexis the actual angle where this happens can be at 50 Degrees or Degrees I now have gone to use the programmer for the first time after doing my updates and I get a conflict of firmware revision, specifically error message ‘firmware revision too low, nelexis 1.

See page 1 of the datasheet Rev available on the Melexis web site. MPT The software will search again the system for connected PTC04 programmer and will come up with a new dialog asking for manual selection of a serial port.

The firware I have is the only one I have ever had.

PTC Programmer | Melexis

It should solve your issue. Wait seconds until the data is written to the device.


Can you also confirm that you checked the communication and that all 4 data bytes are OK? The pins marked with device B are not accessible by the software of In advanced you can HotReset the device or reset Vdd.

PTC-04 – Programmer for Melexis PTC devices

Please check the manual of C. Therefor the programming details are not made available. The programmer is designed to be easily adapted to a standard PC and to an application module to allow calibration of programmable sensor ICs within the operating environment. To acquire the full equipment, please contact our sales representative.

But when click the “characterize” button, an error dialog turns out: This can be verified with measurements screen: Yes, it works but i do not know the signal’s meaning. The ptc is like you mentioned, an updated version of the ptc This method checks if the environment is supported by this object. However, you have only the option to connect a 5k6 pull-up or a 10k pull-down resistor. Setting Vdd to 0 V first could help. From previous projects we know that it will be very time consuming for you and for us to get it work correctly and in the end it will cost more then the PTC You can find the DB pinout on the CD: It allows you to handle more than one device with the software.


Can you explain me how to program a sensor in that range without errors? When I look for the updates I don not see any revision update to the firmware.

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The oscillation or unstability you have seen are directly linked to the noise or jitter which affects the angular reading. Because same time this make bigger output faults linearity error over deg and other no changes.

On the daughterboard we also have relays to switch the output, so I do not see any reason why it should create yield losses if you add a relay. In such a case perform the following steps: Once the device is in SPI mode it is required a reset before it can go into programming mode. We mekexis recommend performing a calibration of the PTC every year.

The user interface of PTC has a test program that is made to perform a quick check of the hardware. You should still be able to read the eeprom.