Or have anyone some experience with them? I’ll buy two pieces of these tomorrow I attached image of the box and the card itself. More info are in the “URL” link at the bottom. It’s a pity that’s impossible to look at the chip because it’s hidden under the chipset cooler which it’s not removable. One other problem could arise from mixing components from different firmware versions. I used a personal made tool for extracting the info and sections. Don’t know why, perhaps not supported on ?

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Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. I used a personal made tool for extracting the info and sections.

SATA Controllers

More than that, this is the image you want to flash for controller, but a backup and a confirmation is always better. I couldn’t get it work stable on Linux both 2. They both however introduced about 7 pcoe long delay at boot, right where the possible option ROM message should appear. What can I try next? But this also means that it might require a custom firmware.

I tried it using the command “go -r” under DOS but I have been unsuccessful so far some versions seem to dump nothing at all, while other versions make it look like they want to flash my chip – so I aborted. Or is it just some of the image’s module is smaller loader, bios etc. XXXX and which comtroller loader version 1.


PCIe 2.0 SATA Controllers

Thanks anyway so far! Again, can’t tell if the prompt was there originally or not, as the card was in UEFI only system that doesn’t care about add-in boot ROMs. But I will say this again: Zitat von lordkag marvll Beitrag If the controller is not seen by the Marvell flasher any more, probably so.

Or then is related to the issue. Ofcourse I don’t have any backup of the original image that was on the card Any help from you Marvell gurus is highly appreciated! I am running out of ideas and you should definitely backup the firmware from your new card, for your own personal safety, but also for my research.

I hope you learned the hard way to always backup before flashing.

Forums New posts Search forums. The command is “go -r”, it should work if you have a controller.

You must log in or register to reply here. Joined Sep 19, Messages Thanks Okay, got some progress! One last thing I want to ask, the model and BIOS version of your mainboard, to check for conflicts with other Marvell modules.

I would like to find out a bit more about the controller. Sun Dec 20, 3: Spam Netiquette Form other This post contains unwanted Spam. Thanks for any advice: Many thanks for your answers in advance.


Now I’m curious to find out which firmware version 2. As a side note, it turns out the Firmware is not broken on these card, it is just disabled, probably due to missing RAID. This is from your backup image, there is a Firmware 2.

Forum – RE: Problems Updating firmware of Marvell Sata controller – 17

I have access to a programmer device, so if the image can be somehow built to be programmed to the SPI flash my card has Macronix MX25LE probably that could be used to recover it?

They occasionally make acceptable parts, but they aren’t premium hardware. Not to contoller that I had to write my own script to split a firmware into components The attached images are based on 2. And this contrloler later with your image on a different system: It’s a ASUS external pci-e x4 card btw backup: