DrSimonCarr If you reply to this email, your message will be added to the discussion below: Can you also find an item for your camera? After a bit of screaming, this finally resulted in me getting three of my cameras set up. Make sure the camera meets the firewire standards for the NI drivers. Dear Simon what type of firewire driver are you using Microsoft or other? I am in college early tomorrow to see what the situation is, at which point I will no doubt get back on this forum for some more advice. Thanks for the reply.

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Leica DFC 280 DFC280 Digital Color Microscope Camera

Hi Simon, On Fri, Sep 27, at I will be in the lab again first thing tomorrow and will send this through as soon as possible. For further information visit http: It will be best to try to get it to work with the Baumer viewer first.

Following some dtc the advice from the posts above thanks to you all, the advice has been very helpfultoday I have done the following: My question is twofold, first, are these two files the key to getting much better image quality from MM using my DFCs. Dear Mario, This is very true, I received a personal email from someone on exactly this issue.

I’ve tried configuring the hardware using the Baumer Optronic configuration, but as soon as I try and add the device I get an error “Error in device BaumerOptronics: If you use a laptop equiped with a firewire A port, you will need a powered hub as the firewire port is not powered on all laptops, and your camera needs to be powered throught the firewire.


We recommend the same firewire drivers as for e. Driver updating on Windows 7 is lengthier process than XP.

Micro-Manager – Leica DFC on MM

You can download these with a 30 day trial to test things out. With the high pace of technology, digital recording is becoming increasing important for many microphotography applications.

This should result in there being no port visible in the device manager.

Select the entry “Change device installation settings”, choose “No, let me choose what to do” and “Never install driver software from Windows Update. Do either of you or anyone else, for that matter have any idea how to resolve this one, as I have seen some people posting that the Twain Device code seemed to work quite well.

If anyone has advice, suggestions or experience of this issue around drivers, I’d be grateful for some comments and thoughts! If it’s indeed not possible to get good images in Micro-Manager than Leica’s IM, I would check for camera properties that you can adjust in the IM software that maybe are not exposed in the Micro-Manager DeviceAdapter.

This is wequivalent to more than 9 analog aperture steps and reveals the finest details for objects of rich contrast.


connect a microscope camera to Labview – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

I would try each of the available candidates in turn. I will do this: Uninstall all Microsoft all? Fast, full color real-time imaging Choice of 1. Can you also find an dgc for your camera?

Most Active Hardware Boards: It is probably not a bad idea to have the camera unplugged while you switch the device drivers, just to be sure.

Dear Mark, I will do this: Message 2 of 6. Get the most from the latest Intel processors and coprocessors.

Leica DFC280 on MM

Windows actually comes with two different Firewire drivers, whose display names are: Message 1 of 6. From image capture to review, digital imaging requires fast, economical, efficient and flexible processing.

Message 4 of 6. But if you have a firewire A port wich is the case for most desktop it will also work as it is retrocompatible. Photometrics 2880, which is the one from Thesycon. Okay, some progress today: When I have another go on Thursday, I will post some images and data to show what the issues seem to be.