Turn your existing microscopes into comparison scopes and break into forensic science teaching without breaking the bank. This software package unlocks the potential of the microscope as a multi-media research, demonstration, hobby or analysis platform. Motic Images Advanced is packaged with Motic’s Multi-Focus and Assembly programs that will accurately allow you to assemble images in a vertical or horizontal platform taking into account any overlap or shifting of images. This system does it all! Due to the large pixel size of 5. Elementary image analysis with fluorescene stains is also made easy with a host of software features.

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With a live image of x pixels through a convenient USB2. Exclusions may apply, see Terms and Conditions. Affordable, reliable microscopy cameras for use in standard microscopy environments.

It offers 5 megapixel resolution and is best-suited for high-quality image documentation and elementary image analysis. Due to the enhancement of the live image speed in combination with p high resolution the user is enabled to facilitate precise focusing and easy positioning of specimens without interlace effect in a more efficient way – a clear advantage in the analysis of moving objects and routine work in laboratories.

On-chip software image enhancements include Noise-Reduction, Live Filtering and Settings Memory providing a constant environment for comparison work.

MECALAB | Microscopes and E.M. Supplies

Reviews There are no reviews yet. There is no need to buy expensive comparison microscopes. High spatial resolution for microscopy and macroscopy Motion in high resolution. Only items that have been purchased directly from Us.


Have a live overview over up to 48 different live student microscopy images Have a live overview px up to 48 different live student screen images Take control of any student computer with mouse and keyboard control this allows DigiLab II to be used as a cross-curriculum facilitator as other programs may also be controlled and manipulated through it Launch and direct Digital Voice conversations Launch and direct Image and Text Chats Switch off, Reboot, Freeze, Logoff all of the student computers Present Live Measurements Broadcast Teacher’s Microscope stream, Teacher’s Desktop stream or any Student’s Microscope image stream to the rest of the class DigiLab II is also provided with Motic Images Advanced software caamera the teacher and Motic Images Plus 2.

Motic Trace is a software tool that helps turn any two microscopes into forensic comparison units. Consistent with Labomed’s modular design philosophy, this camera will integrate seamlessly with your surgical microscope.

Send me a notification for each cp answer. Motic’s newest Instant Digital Microscopy camera offers an amazing 5 Megapixel live resolution. Digital Camera Module Equipped with the highest resolution cameras in this class of product and DigiPro software, these Digital Cameras provide an imaging solution xamera is easy to learn and user friendly. The Teacher computer can: Don’t just compare images side by side. Resolutions from 1 up iu 5 mega pixels allow for optimal performance in low as well as high magnifica- tions.

Users can stream live video, capture images and videos using PixelPro software, and capture images to an SD card. Turn your existing microscopes into comparison scopes and break into forensic science teaching without breaking the bank.


A Versatile Imaging Solution for Medical Practices The iVu S5 is a medical grade digital camera that can provide super resolution video and digital signals out, simultaneously.

With 3 megapixel resolution, this camera is the ideal tool for high-quality image documentation and elementary image analysis. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The maximum possible color depth is 36 bit. PixelPro Image Capture Software makes still and video capturing simple. With an on-board SD Cakera slot, doctors need not be ccamera to their computers to capture images for patient documentation.

This system does it all! With a live image of x pixels, this image can be projected in any lecture or classroom environment without fear of pixelation. The iVu is a 3 Megapixel digital solution that boasts one of the fastest frame rates in its class, a high definition image, and unparalleled accuracy in color reproduction.

Labomed iVu Digital Camera — 3.

Labomed iVu 5100 Digital Imaging Camera

Motic Images Plus 2. Elementary image analysis with fluorescene stains is also made easy with a host of software features. The microscope camera is controlled by an intuitive image acquisition software with comprehensive functionality.

Digital, Video, and Secure Digital Capture