Bernie Houghton became the bank’s Saudi Arabian representative; [9] but eventually had to flee that country in a hail of bullets, as depositors sought to recover their money. Report as to number of members fit for active service and number of reinforcements and enlistments required on Public Service administration, Commonwealth of Australia — upon the public expenditure of the Commonwealth of Australia with a view to effecting economies — on taxation of leasehold estates in Crown lands — on the basic wage — Henry Chinn on Northern Territory railways and ports — on powellised timber — upon the Commonwealth electoral law and administration — on meat export trade on food supplies and trade and industry during the war Michael Hand found living in the United States”. Government of the Commonwealth of Australia”. Scullin in the House of Representatives on 7 and 19 August , in relation to land tax matters — on the finances of Western Australia, as affected by Federation —

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Two of these were from bodies specifically created to examine the scandal: Hand fled abroad in June By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Nugan Hand Bank

The bank’s co-founder, American Michael Jon Handand two hadnbank bank employees were indicted for conspiring to “pervert the course of justice” by destroying or removing bank records. InPrime Minister Malcolm Fraserwho had hoped the Nugan Hand controversy would fade away, stood before the parliament and told the Australian public that the CIA had no interest in the bank.

Henry Chinn on Northern Territory railways and ports — on powellised timber — upon the Commonwealth electoral law and administration — on meat export trade on food supplies and trade and industry during the war Ina Royal Commission of Inquiry found that while the bank had committed numerous violations of banking laws, the allegations of drug-smuggling, arms dealing and involvement in CIA activities were not substantiated.

Speculation grew when it became known that the bank had employed a number of retired United States military and intelligence officers, including former CIA director William Colby. Davies in September and October, — in connection with joinery supplied to the War Service Homes Commissioner in March, — on the Navigation Act — on national insurance — on the method for determining the unimproved value of land held under Crown leases — on the assessment of war service disabilities — to inquire into extracts from the reports in Parliamentary Debates of speeches made by Mr.


Recollections of an Unreasonable Man. He then covered his massive overdraft by writing himself a company check for the same amount. CIA complicity in the global drug trade.

Politician and jurist, John Dowdstates that Nugan Hand became the vehicle to quietly move drug industry money.

Ofgice Hand Bank was an Australian merchant bank that collapsed in after the suicide of one of its founders, Australian lawyer Francis John Nuganresulting in a major scandal. In Marchthe Australian magazine The Eye reported that Michael Hand was living in the United States, giving an address and other details, [42] but Australian authorities declined to pursue an extradition.

Retrieved from ” https: Suspicions about the bank’s activities grew in subsequent days as details of the contents of Nugan’s car emerged. An inquest later returned a verdict of suicide.

The Royal Commission found that suggestions of “CIA connections” were widespread, stretching back to an apparent confirmation by a Taiwanese general in HandbanK Eco 30 Handbamk Reader.

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According to writer Alfred W. Stewartand lasted from to Nandbank free election bites the dust’ in Killing Hope: Royal Commissions of the Commonwealth of Handbnak. Semi-automatic through slot slot-reader with vertical document positioning and face oriented to the operator; Pulling speed: Michael Hand had formed a close business and social relationship with former Sydney police constable and underworld “patron”, Murray Stewart Riley. However, the Commission argued there was a lack of specific allegations, let alone evidence to substantiate them.

However, questions remain unanswered in regard to the lack of fingerprints on the weapon and the probability that the police who handbano Nugan had prior knowledge of his death. Semi-automatic through slot slot-reader with vertical document positioning and face oriented to the operator.


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In addition, the Corporate Affairs Commission of New South Wales, a state level organ charged with regular oversight of business activities in New South Wales, began looking into the bank almost immediately after Nugan’s suicide [17] and issued seven interim reports from untilwhen it completed its investigation. Limited for the supply of bread to the Department of the Army, and other matters to inquire into circumstances under which certain public monies were used and to whom, and for what purposes such moneys were paid an inquiry into a statement that there was a document missing from the official files in relation to lffice Brisbane Line ” to inquire into and report upon certain transactions of the Sydney Land Sales Control Office, and the Canberra Land Sales Control Office of the Treasury to inquire into certain transactions in relation to timber rights in the Territory of Papua-New Guinea Interleaved 2 of 5, Handbanl 39, Code other bar codes may be provided upon inquiry.

Views Read Edit View history. Australian trucking magnate Peter Abeles was also connected with the bank. Power source USB model. Aboriginal Land Rights Commission — Australian Post Office Commission of inquiry — of Inquiry into land tenures — on petroleum — of Inquiry into the maritime industry — Independent Inquiry into Frequency Modulation Broadcasting — of Inquiry into transport to and from Tasmania — on Australian Government Administration — on human relationships — on intelligence and security — into alleged payments to maritime unions — to inquire into and report upon certain incidents in which Aborigines were involved in handabnk Laverton area — on Norfolk Island — Nugan who was facing charges of stock fraud was found shot dead by a.