Overall, if you can get a good bass delivery from them, they are well-suited for most music genres and video games, but not ideal for vocal-centric genres like jazz or even classical. Cymbals, vocals, and lead instruments rely on this range for brightness and presence. These over-ear headphones don’t have active noise cancellation ANC and therefore, don’t isolate in the bass range. They have a good microphone that filters a lot of noise, and they’re fairly well built and comfortable with programmable buttons that gives them a lot more customization options than other gaming headsets. They perform even better than some home theater headphones which makes them a good choice for watching movies too. The G are good gaming headphones.

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The software was okay, had a few glitches here and there the phone companion app was good too, especially when loigtech mite function wouldn’t work on the physical buttons. They’re bulky and have a non-removable boom mic that makes them even less suitable for casual use. At least it is useful for something.

Logitech G Wireless Gaming Headset for PC – Black: : Computers & Accessories

When your headphones run out of power. Speech to Noise Ratio is the difference in level between speech and background noise as heard by the listener.

When a balanced and neutral reference bass performance is desired. I enjoy the headset very much. It’s not a major issue, but it does poorly distribute the pressure around your ears which could get tiring during long gaming sessions.


The wireless will absolutely cut out when near a wireless router or something emitting a heavy wireless signal like getting called on skype on your phone etc. Any Condition Any Condition. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

Logiteech in this range sounds muddy and cluttered.

They give you quite a few options for gaming with their button layout. Also whether the base supports dock charging to easily recharge the gg930 without any cables. When the outside noise is bass-heavy, like in airplanes. This range gives brilliance and airiness to the sound. They’re not as appealing as the Gbut they’re also not meant for outdoor use.

This value is responsible for the perceived size of the soundstage.

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This test does not apply to in-ears and earbuds, due to the lack of pinna interaction. The force that the headphones exert on your head, once you have them on. This is the case for the majority of audio content. When the material is heavy on high-range frequencies, such as voice, cymbals, and any other material where brightness, brilliance and airiness is desired.

The range that the wireless headphones can reach before dropping any audio when in direct line of sight of the Bluetooth device. How well the headphones handle the loud environments involved in commuting or traveling. A value of 10 indicates a fully open headphone, and a value of 0 indicates a fully closed headphone.


When you want to use a wired headphone with your PC. Optical can carry a bit more data at faster speeds than typical wired connection which allows for more high quality, lossless audio. Updated Nov 01, Comfortable and relatively light, although I do weightlifting and my neck is pretty thick so take that with a grain of salt, I do not feel it however 4.

If you need better recording quality and noise handling for calls, gaming and voice over IP software then use the audio cable of your wired or wireless headphone if it has an inline microphone.

How We Test We purchase our own headphones and logitfch them under the same test bench, so that you can compare the results easily.

Logitech G930

Low-frequency extension shows how deep the bass response of the microphone is, and therefore, how deep and full your voice would sound to the listener. They typically deliver a set of practical features that give you more control over the sound, noise cancelling and effects that the headphones produce. After watching logotech cool YouTube clips on the Morphing abilities of this headset, I went ahead and purchased one just for that feature alone.

Bulky and cumbersome design.