If I load Transcribe! They do different things really. This problem does not exist on OS X. The tool itself is unsupported by us but if any questions come up, you’ll find a contact email address in the readme. The problem is that the AISO driver takes over and de-activates your sound card drivers.

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A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out. This driver works nice. In the article Low latency audio on a Windows PC with the built-in soundcard I give the detail of all working and non-working solutions.

Some frew comes with multi-client drivers, completely eliminating the above issues. Only very few ASIO drivers support true multiple application access. The server mixes the output streams of all applications, and provides that mix to the target device. Last seen 3 hours 54 min ago.

The driver is really old and not officially supported, so it might be obsolete now it probably works in other versions of Windows, but I can’t test that atm. Joe Kuo and Theorist like this. Most Active Authors Latest Reviews.


On Windows in general, running more than one DAW at a time is a challenge.

It’s basically an asio server, you point all your apps you want to use to this device as the output, and you can open as many as you need at the same time good stuff! Get ASIO multi-client from here or here they are different, you might want to try both. I think I know where is the issue. So, I went instead with the above.

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Free Multi Client ASIO driver! | NI Community Forum

Great answers already… BTW, I couldn’t use the link to your webpage on your profile – are you also at johndunlapmusic. Karen 5, 13 Please also note that some ASIO driver are already multiclient. Thanks again for sharing this. It’s critical for me tree switch back and forth between audio apps without closing them down. May 23, 4.

But at least I knew it would work. Whenever I do this I get an error. This is an excerpt from the readme: Support for using ASIO with multiple programs at once. The problem is that the AISO driver takes over and de-activates your sound card drivers. No, create an account now. Try switching your core audio drivers over to the guitar rig, so that all audio is sent through it.


The best solution available is the one suggested by Rob’s answer. There are other ASIO multi-client drivers you can try, like this one: Seems that this is exactly what you need, and seems to work with all ASIO capable interfaces. This problem does not exist on OS X. There’s a recorder and a player in guitar rig I use it all the time. You can find this year’s holiday gift right here.