Run the commands from that directory. Mentioned Host,Port and DB.. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. By this step, the security context is correctly set up and the connection works. In my case it happened that the JAR itself was corrupt. The component managed alias on the data source is not valid. To correct this problem:

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I have installed the db2jcc.

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Use the correct database name. Great to hear it works now!

Could not find the DB2Driver class running Spark app

Your application ihit trying to access database records that are locked by an XA transaction that is in ended e state, but cannot be prepared by the transaction manager. JDBC Driver – com. Driver jar must be in ext folder and you also need to register a driver before actually using it. On Windows systems, look for the inuse file in the java12 directory in your DB2 installation root.


The following code block is an example of this exception: Authentication failed, repository cannot be located, or repository cannot accept the connection. Also if you consider whether the title of your post is relevant? The answer is you have to upgrade.

This step is not necessary for DB2 v8. If you encounter this error while running DB2 on Red Hat Linux, the int queues system wide parameter is too low to support DB2 while it acquires the necessary resources to complete the transaction. This might be the problem if your path is correct but you still receive this error.

This error can also occur if you are using DB2 Version 7. Rebind the packages in the bnd directory as follows: You have two options to solve the problem.

Data access problems for DB2 databases

Sandeep 88 4 MadSaidhave you had a chance to try the above By this step, the security context is correctly set up and the connection works.

By the way I also added the Class. Technote troubleshooting Problem Abstract The following error occurs: To learn more or change your cookie settings, please read our Cookie Policy.


Data access problems for DB2 databases

It didn’t work in ext. Do not use a one-off security mechanism for database security.

The exception I get is Tue Nov 08 The persistence context items are still stored in the Java Naming and Directory Interface JNDIbut they are not placed into local variables on the bean object. This is not an option if connecyion want to use a one-off security mechanism, such as kerberos. I tried everything you mentioned To determine whether you have a user name or password problem, look in the db2diag. Failed to initialize the connection that uses the [COM.

This can include the server returning multiple cobnection from which the client is unable to choose.

If it is not, export it manually: Among the many possible causes are: The DB2 Server may be down.