It’s a sound point. It is also possible that any garbage or invalid data sent to the mount could cause its firmware to generate mis-steps pulse sequences to the motors causing it to overheat. Hi Chris, Glad you posted. The “problem is that in lowering your max level down to 3. Use this information at your own risk. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook.

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I’m in need of making a new canon eqdirecg release, and this might fit the bill Should of read the post a bit closer Edited January 11, by malc-c.

Will try on Windows 7 64 bit later. One 2m RJ45 ethernet cable e. Therefore voltage eqsirect over longer cable runs is much less of an issue.

During this time we will be unable to ship orders, and will have no access to internet to answer emails, or provide technical support. I’ve just ordered a few to have a play with. Dave, thanks for the info. I originally planned to have a little 3. Also is it 5v TTL or 3. To clarify, the chip in the converter is a 3.


I shall be making one up for my EQ6. Register a new account. Already have an account?

It is the direction of the current that determines whether a specific bit is high or low. Downloaded and install the driver from here http: Continued use of SGL indicates your acceptance of our cookie policy.

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USB EQDir for under £4 – DIY Astronomer – Stargazers Lounge

I was aiming for a neat all-USB approach for my setup. As a side note, the little PCBs are great for mods that need a serial interface such as webcam long exposure mods or DSLR shutter cables.

Make sure that you perform the modifications and testing while there is no physical “load” or dangling wires on your mount. I’ve only got surface mount mosfets at the moment, which I know isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so I’ve ordered a few 2Ns and will post back with pictures when they arrive.

Use this information at your own risk. Edited January 11, by Reggie. Not sure if that applies to these new TTL levels, but if it similar, then extending the cable on the serial side may be better than on the USB side. All the outputs from the converter will be at 3.



Pins 5 and 4 are ground pins. Not all DB-9 cables are created equal. Sign In Sign Up. However, the features available when they are interfaced to a personal computer are somewhat limited, primarily due to the type of data that is available through the handcontroller’s serial interface.

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The USB serial converter has a small circuit inside: Hi Chris, Glad you posted. I have tried both 3V and 5V types and can say that the with 10m of cable at the RJ45 mount end the 3V didn’t work but the 5V did.

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Hi Dave, Nice find and nice to see you back posting.