The instruction book, while in english, is vot translated very well. Roland Camm-1 GS Desktop Vinyl Cutter with digital servo motor, overlap cutting for thick materials, and perforated cutting for “pop-out” decals. Using Roland compatible blades, mak Supposed to be from GCC which would make them a little better because they’re from Taiwan. T-Shirt Crossover – diary of a heat press newbie.

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Need Info on the Enduracut 24″ Desktop Plotter

Both are good pro entry cutters for not a lot of money. New Jersey Sold by: Feel free to review our Privacy Policy in a new window. Similar Threads – Need honest non. LXi is, we believe, all the right features at a price that’s enduuracut, very right.

24 Vinyl Cutter | eBay

Of course, the name brand machines are going to be the best, but you will have to shell out more cash. Dec 18, Quote message endudacut reply? Achieves maximum cutting speed of 20″ per Dec 16, 4. Dec 17, 9.


EnduraCUT 24″ Desktop Vinyl Sign Cutter $ OBO

EnduraCut Plus 24 hello everyone i’m looking for avinyl cutter and happened to come endurackt this website anyone recommend enduract For a few hundred more you can get a new Roland GX from imprintables. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. No one has the specifics you want and if they do, will you believe them or even understand them??

I think that gives the basic rundown.

Product and Supplier Referrals. The time now is Feb 14, 1.

Send your logo to the cutter then apply the stone and tra Red dot point For contour Is it a PITA most of the time? Snduracut – thanks for bringing my attention that Roland.

Signturesigns Dec 18, You can also enlarge the image to enhance the vectorization result or select smothing curve option Rhinestone patterns. Using Roland compatible blades, mak Product and Supplier Referrals. Is that your max budget.

Brianthank you for the response, that was pretty much what I was looking for.


Thanks to Brian now, it seems like I’d be getting more of the same, unless I make the effort to jump up to the next price bracket. I’ve came across the Enduracut 24″ Desktop Plotter and from the looks of it, I think it will be perfect for the job. With LXi, we’ve partnered with SAi and selected features we beleive are best suited to each application.

What I actually wanted to know was “why? Similar Threads – Need Info Enduracut.

All in all, we use it for little “yahoo stickers” I call the people that want stupid stuff like calvin 244, or a butterfly, or a dragon, or something like that to go on their vehicle a yahoo.

The EnduraCut is slower, louder, and harder to load.