Maybe it’s close enough for you. USB is particulary latency-heavy, some manufacturers like Tascam have made miracles with it but it is basically not suited for live monitoring. For guitar it may suck bad. It would still work great for a Mac laptop and Cubase etc. Yes there is a USB version.

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When you loose the driver, is the Edirol still on the control panel? It’s half rackspace so it will pair up with a 1U stereo power amp and speakers nicely.

Originaly posted by Unit One: UA Driver Version 1. This driver includes a control panel for editing the UA’s patching, monitoring and buffering. Originally posted by needlesurfer: Mar 21, Posts: However like you said, Motu on windows sux.

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M-Audio written on a piece of equipment doesn’t mean it sounds good. Wed May 07, 4: Thu May 08, 1: I will start another thread with the review soon.

Firewire, due to a faster bandwith and better architechture, does exhibit lower-latency. Sounds very good, I was actually surprised by the sound quality of this device. Wed May 07, 1: Originally posted by Richard Berg: I remember reading that USB mice work at about Hz. More like msec in most applications. saio

Cubase not recognizing USB Audio Device –

I’ll try that and get back here with what happens Check the UA manual. Gonzaga man Ars Praefectus Registered: For the price it rocks. Has anyone tried the mBox from Digidesign? We worked hard to change this, still it seems to be impossible at the edirok.

Ok I got some info from an Ego-Sys rep. Mon May 12, Is the driver still listed on that other software?

See the reviews at www. Addragyn Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: That’s all it has to do basically.


USB 24 bit audio interfaces that don’t suck

It would be great to use a laptop, but if USB stuff is not up to the task screw it. Especially in regards to ASIO.

For guitar it may suck bad. This is the company: DriverGuru Senator et Subscriptor Tribus: