I’ll hope this works on my friends “compatible” Dreambox HD – thanks in advanced It didn’t work: You can find a description on the modification here. Proudly powered by WordPress. There is no permanent mounting necessary on the mainboard only removing the resistors mentioned above, if present. Not able to get windows to recognize the dmhd.

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DM500 HD information

Hello — is it possible to connect any external USB drive? Usually no drivers are needed to enable the usb port, however depending on what usb device you connect, it might require a drive tonfunction like usb tuners. Please to answer me as soon as possible in order to solve this problem.

Here is a photo of the board with mounting instructions if you want to order the do it yourself soldering kit.

How to update firmware DM HD via mini-usb [Sitemap] – Digital Kaos

I have ordered this kit recently has not been delivered yet. July 9, at Be careful to not damage the cable. Usually, only one resistor is fitted.


Regards Appen well got the same problem here, upload complet, waiting for acknowledge Please Use this Guide Updated http: November 19, at So I put on the Dream Elite can’t relay tell the number, but the size of the file is However, the USB connection is disabled intentionally because the power supplied to the USB connection is not current limited as the USB specification requires, so using the USB connection without this could be harmful to your Dreambox. Do you have encountered such a problem and whether you think that with your USB board would not be such a problem.

Adding USB ports to Dreambox DMHD | Ridax electronics blog

Excellent piece of hardware. I’ll usg this works on my friends “compatible” Dreambox HD – thanks in advanced It didn’t work: I tried to connect to it again but the box doesn’t get an ip. Remove the two screws on the rear, marked with red. January 2, at I am completely new to dreambox I have a hd still in the box can someone point me in deprecation of a newbie setup? Your email address will not be published.


I am new and i tray to fix my dmhd i hope you you help with the usb drivers. Remove the resistors marked with red to the right. Do It Yourself soldering: I read on the forum that there is enough power to propel both two USB ports.

Hello i need help to unlock my dream box multimedia DM s. Do you send it to Portugal?

Hi, Are you still selling this? September 22, at There are three packages available. How I can reflash it?

I tried with several images newenigma2 4. I am using an internal flash memory and an externally powered 1. Not able to get windows to recognize the dmhd.

I have original, non clone dm.