In the area around the optical drive, the laptop yields noticeably to pressure both on the upper and under sides. The corresponding transparent color space for comparisons are each market with t. Though some adjustments can be made, especially skin color comes off rather poorly. Because the SSD doesn’t have any mechanical parts, it remains of course practically inaudible. Elegant with silver lid.

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Pleasant typing with good keyboard. Usuable loudspeakers A 60 Wh lithium-ion battery is delivered as standard It one orders a mobile broadband modem, the corresponding SIM slot is found in the battery panel.

Review Dell Latitude E6510 Notebook

Yet in reality, working too far from an outlet is greatly impeded by the battery life with the 60 Wh standard battery. The E can also be enhanced above with PC cards. The professor cores must be throttled in our stress test in order to prevent overheating. The WebCam Central from Dell allows not only to record videos but also to take individual photos.

The touchpad boasts a nice, matt surface with good gliding characteristics. This is thus a professional graphic card for the beginner range.

Together with the low black level of only 0.

DIRT 2 32 fps. Connections With the furnishing and configuration of the connectionsboth left and right-handers can be happy. Just like with the touchpad, the mouse pointer can also be controlled with the trackstick.


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It it well suited for business use around the office. The mechanical characteristics of the keys please with a relatively long stroke distance and a clear pressure point. An upgrade of the main memory would at the very least require a change to a displayoprt operating system.

The clocking rate of the processor cores displaayport therefore be continually throttledsomething that can result in a loss in performance. It has a rather unusual place inside right of the keyboard.

It one orders a mobile broadband modem, the corresponding SIM slot is found in the battery panel.

Though this stand-alone graphic card has higher performance than integrated graphic ddell ala Graphics Media Accelerator HD, outstanding 3D performance should not be expected. Here the E represents the same options also offered on the smaller E We now come to the runtimes expected in real-life scenarios.

The various movements can be configured in the mouse driver and turned off if necessary. Elegant with silver lid.

One finds only a few additional dell on the Latitude E Additionally, one finds a common noticeable weakness on the Latitude E While the stable working area comes up rather limited vertically, it fashions itself in a generous way horizontally.

The E at displayporg runs relatively quiet with a maximum of Thankfully, there are diverse data media in the box of the tester. As the power pack is only designed for 90 wattsand rated even a bit too low at that, it is no surprise that this can get very hot under load.


Review Dell Latitude E Notebook – Reviews

Please, switch off ad blockers. All in all, the notebook is a better recommendation with a dual core CPU which would make the limitations we saw in terms of heating and current consumption less of an issue.

We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. As expected, modern 3D-intensive computer games can only be played fluidly on low graphic details and resolutions.

The bright and matt display screen proves to be a great asset to the machine when it comes to using it outdoors. With just one and a half hours, the runtime is a bit too short form most Hollywood films.

With the Turbo-Boost technology, displwyport clocking speeds of the individual core can be modulated according to their respective performance demands and individual cores can be overclocked.