Do you rock the casbah at old DOS games with your Thinkpads? Thank you and have fun! Second best ThinkPad keyboard, SBcompatible sound chip, and an awesome wavetable synth all in one package. It has an active matrix screen and I’m pretty sure the sound is Sound Blaster compatible don’t remember any issues with making it work in DOS. That is something no man should have to live thru ;. Those would be some weird divisors.

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Should get a Microsoft Sidewinder stick in the next few days, will post review.

This game features the smoothest animated graphics ever seen in an Apogee game. The original purpose was so that XTs would run at the same pace as the original PC, for early programs that did naughty things to hardware, and flaky things in software. I am about to try the same myself.

Crystal Caves

You are commenting using your Twitter account. It is compiled with symbols, and does not look to be built at -O3, or the smarter if you are writing an emulator an know what icache is -Os 2. This file, in turn, can be passed to the DOS initialization tool. In user Locutus from Vogons forum reported a solution.


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Can you help Mylo strike it rich and quit his day job? In the former case, the synthesizers’ signal is routed into the codec. Mine can’t hold a charge and have to keep it plugged in for it to retain BIOS settings. I have it with a docking station which is somewhat “slim”, that mean’s it adds only some thickness to the notebook and doesn’t go beyond the outline.

The card has two analog outputs: The Dream chip also features an effects processor which can apply different predefined reverb, chorus and echo effects to the SAM input signals. I’ve been wondering about it quite a while now and today I got a HDD with greater capacity to install all my retro games.

Crystal ISA Sound Card (cx4235-xq3) With Game Port

If the codec is disabled, these sliders do nothing. Hey Patrick, that was fantastic!

It had Cyrix IBM 5×86 processor mhzso while keeping flair it’s still pretty fast. And most dos games run very well under win98 i mean sound.

But DOSBox is super easy for this kind of thing. Lesser models of the same series LTE5xxx had an x display and those might actually be preferable. Oh, that docking station is really sweet! This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.


Free for pickup in Boston area. As with all Hameport games, a high priority has been placed on solving ingenious puzzles built into the game.

I sold mine long ago very cheaply and I really regret this decision The article should lean more toward showing another use for a Pi rather than making it out to be a solution to some problem. In conclusion, I take my words back, the author clearly knows what dosbox is — he ripped it off….

Perhaps two different xtals? Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi Mhaise Daoibh.

An important point for DOS support is sound compatibility. I have the step-down model LTE with the x 16bpp display, and it’s very crisp and clear. Whoa, cut the guy some slack!

Legacy Thinkpads and DOS retrogaming – Thinkpads Forum

Will provide testing results later. Gajeport, there are no NT4 or Windows drivers available for this card. I found it in great technical and visual condition.