Warnings And Safety Information Find In History User Data Management Find A Poi Alternative Speed Limit Screen Buttons And Controls Gps Position Quality no.

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Tmc traffic Message Channel The maps can be viewed in 2-dimensional as well as 3-dimensional formats and comes with automatic junction zoom. In Cockpit Mode and Track-up Orientation Gps Data Screen Automatic Night Colours Marked Map Points pin Tilt Up And Down no. Manage Track Logs Also you can transfer data over a wireless network between Bluetooth carion devices.

When mounted in the car, the built-in handsfree Bluetooth interface supports safe driving. It calculates your route and guides you along it. Cockpit Screen Layout Claeion Traffic Information Use the mini USB port for battery charging. Elements Of The Active Route Smart zoom will zoom in if you drive slowly and zoom out when you drive at high speed.


Clarion MAP Manuals

Route Parameter Settings Keep Position On Road lock-on-road Travel And Route Data no. Manage Poi points Of Interest Enable Safety Cameras This unit comes with slots ckarion connecting headphones as well as for USB interface. List Of Tmc Messages The Numeric Keyboard Fit To Screen Gps Position Quality no.

The screen supports more than colours. Switches In The Quick Menu Controlled Traffic Direction Restore Lock-to-position And Smart Zoom Along with mqp770 route guidance this compact gps unit also provides you with time-to-time voice instructions. This ensures safer driving claron transforms the in-car environment to a more amenity-rich environment.

Bluetooth wireless connection supports safe handsfree calls. Popup Information switch Animated Turn Guidance In Map Mode and North-up Orientation