AM achieves this previously unrealizable property producing a high gain antenna with a steerable beam and eliminates the large aperture and complicated feed network associated with electrically scanned arrays [2]. And the unit shall convert at least 1 kg biomass per hour. This topic will investigate the use of COFs for detection, sequestration, and remediation of common military grade and homemade explosives. Potential commercial applications include various high-speed focal plane read-out, and high performance signal processing. Develop documentation for a proposal for the solution for phase 2 consideration. Recently, there has been significant interest in pursuing existing felted fiber combustible cartridge case technology in small caliber weapon systems to achieve the lightweight ammunition goal.

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Numerous sensors may be considered, but must meet the following specifications: Commercialization would be of great interest to the radar and wireless sensing community while also providing an innovative technology solution to assist the military reduce logistical burdens for the storing and transporting of antennas and radio frequency RF components in the field. However, the high cost of lightweight metal materials and the associated manufacturing costs represent a significant part of the affordability challenge to reduce weight.

This is because current state-of-the-art systems rely heavily on the U. Multitime frequency classifiers for neighboring modulations in a multiplicative noise environment.

DoD 2018.1 SBIR Solicitation

Functionally graded materials, nano-porous compositions, self-similar structures etc. Such a GPS-independent local coordinate referencing system can then be used by fixed and mobile platforms as well as soldier handheld devices, for guidance and control of smart and guided projectiles, for target designation, and for other applications in which GPS is currently used. The production capability and feasibility of the proposed lightweight combustible cartridge cased small arms ammunition shall also be assessed.


Analysis of solid products formed in atmospheric non-thermal carbon monoxide plasma, J. De Jesus, Neural Networks Design, 2nd ed.

This, coupled with a desire for long range and versatility, is likely to differentiate propulsion architectures from those envisioned for domestic logistics markets and urban aerial transportation. Design and fabricate a prototype biomass upgrade prototype unit based on the findings in Phase 1.

This adaptable ROIC should introduce resolution, frame rate, and power consumption trade-offs to cda optimization for use in multiple defense application platforms. Likewise, many predictive data solutions for target modeling applications assume a far-field collimated wave front in synthetic data production.

This can be accomplished by 1 implementing the technique from Phase I to stream massive 3D data sets of previously obtained 3D maps of the urban terrain to the UAS navigational system in real time, 2 implementing the technique from Phase I to match sensor-derived ground truth to the streamed 3D representation, also in real time, bkg 3 incorporating the above into a single software system. Pereira, Michael Mattice, Robert C.

Bottini, “Accuracy prediction in fused deposition modeling”, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, vol.

Powerplants such as heat engines and energy storage devices such as batteries are also not sought within this topic, but reasonable assumptions about technology improvements or advancements in those areas may be made by offerors if required to support the proposed power distribution technology.

In an attempt to provide actionable analytics, the algorithm and model developers have increased the amount of source data with an expectation that there will be an increased algorithm and model utility.

Transition to future 6. However, it is challenging to apply felted fiber technology to small arms ammunition to replace the conventional brass case.

Siemens, “Siemens develops world-record electric motor for aircraft,” Press Release. Software tools and algorithmic techniques not dependent on GPS are necessary for UAS navigation in the urban-suburban airspace. Study the material residue after burning of the selected combustible polymeric materials.


This is a new area of research. As such, this task will investigate and identify innovative methodologies and techniques to provide dynamic target models that present and modify target bkg and output signatures as a function of the near field condition. Develop a system design that includes requirements, specifications, operational training concept, interface designs, and graphical interfaces.

However, radar signatures and associated target models are generally derived from a set of empirical or xdma radar data with a single, discrete slant range condition.

Captain america mighty and El Columpio Asesino – t

By reducing the noise, the signal-to-noise ratio is increased; therefore, improving confidence in actionable impact decisions. The research to adapt these critical enabling technologies can be the focus off the Phase II option period.

Review the results from the Phase I feasibility study. The expectation is that the government would use this innovation to cdmz Army data analytics and future advanced sustainment programs. Nanoporous materials as a class of nanostructured materials have cmda wide attention owing to their great ability to adsorb and interact with atoms, ions, and molecules on their large interior surfaces and in the nanometer size pore space.

Develop and test lightweight combustible case materials and designs for small arms ammunition to reduce weight without sacrificing ballistic performance and long-term reliability. The proposed gun hardened energy management system concepts would apply to gun fired munitions, weapon based platforms and emplaced munitions applications.