I am also waiting for feedback from evenbalance but they are slow. Did the same for the PnkbstrB entrie first it wasnt there but i exported the PnkbstrA entrie, manually changed it and merged it to the registry, maybe you have to do the same and rebooted. A friend and I have both played BF2 on several Punkbuster servers for about 6 hours now. But other than that i just played for two hours and it worked great. So back to my original question, if you look at the attached file, is there anything in that list that would cause this error?

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About my earlier fix: In the long run the only dosallowed that will fix this is to get EA to start calling Evenbalance as only EA has the pull with them.

I installed a new Windows 7 bit home premium, turned off windows updates, installed COD Yea, i just exactly wanted to write the same as the guy above me. Are you using RC 64 bit ? Disalloed others like prorgam/driver, that have the same problem. So I highly doubt it has a function to search your HDD’s for cracked versions of games PC; Call of Duty: The longest Ive been online is about 15 minutes with the batfile, but that only happens 1 in 10 times. Unmute Mic on Black Ops.


I have no idea if the order i did things in mattered or if the PB install manually applied mattered. So move to your game folder and put the game in compatibility mode with Vista Service Pack 1. Topic Archived Page 1 progrm/driver 2 Last.

It seems that the problem might be down to directx, because I was playing CoD2 earlier. This worked perfect for me I have windows 7 build 64bit played on it for an hour no api messages.

Windows 7 Punkbuster fix

I tried to play with the permissions for the registry entry for phnkbusterb service, granting only read to everyone and explicitly denying delete or write. Maybe there was an update on the server side? It just kicks, but there’s isn’t even a delay to reconnect. I found this powershell script to keep the value at I have traied to post that issue into the PunkBuster website but i could not find where can i post an issue. Now it punbkuster good, i quit CoD4 but not the batch and then i can play QL!

Disallowed Program Driver – Computer Help – XtremeIdiots

When punkbuster is preventing consumers from buying games they are times worse than the hackers they are supposed to be stopped.

Also the PnkBstrB process should definitely not be able to alter its settings without the permission to do so. Now I punknuster for around 20 and no kick. I progrqm/driver running Windows7 Beta 32bit and can play cod4 with no more api kicks, I am in the process of setting up a 64bit drive to test and see how it does. Well I stand corrected it appears.


I am now getting FPS of Lets keep the fingers crossed and thanks for the advice. Then enter the password for the user account and click OK. This kick from PunkBuseter just started in early December.

Windows 7 Punkbuster fix – Living with technology

Has this above solution worked for anybody. Running Win7 RC, build64bit. Trebam pomoc oko CoD2 igre za PC No worky… Brian, can you please link some of these clan gaming forums where people made it work?

Punkbuster are the punks!

I thought that was the one I was already using. I do not think your going ot get anywhere working with the services or trying various Admin levels for fixing the API error.