Any use of this information is at the user’s risk. Since you have an Aztech modem.. A check on the log reveals this: If the settings save successfully, it will notify you as in this image. You’d need to call the Streamyx helpdesk and get that fixed. CVE or or

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Notice that the State column says Connected.

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Enter the Username and Password respectively and click Log In. If you don’t select any criteria “all” CVE entries will be returned Vulnerabilities with exploits. If the Connection State is connected, click the Save Settings link on the left side of the page. Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel?

Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy I forgot the name 600ek it failed too even before this problem happened. There are NO warranties, implied or otherwise, with regard to this information or its use.


This page lists vulnerability statistics for all versions of Aztech Dsl eu Router.

It is also possible that your modem might be fried. If you don’t select any criteria “all” CVE entries will be returned. CVE or or It is the responsibility of user to evaluate the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, opinion, advice or other content.

ADSL2/2+ Combo Modem / Router

Cross Site Request Forgery. Connect the pots splitter in to the telephone jack B. Make sure it is not too faint nor crackly.

After saving your azhech, click on the Reboot link from the menu on the left side of the page. Vulnerability statistics provide a quick overview for security vulnerabilities of this software.

I have a feeling the streamyx dudes accidentally ‘off’ your streamyx.

ADSL2/2+ Combo Modem / Router

Selected vulnerability types are OR’ed. Vulnerabilities with publish dates before are aztecg included in this table and chart. If the connection successfully established itself, you will be shown with this status page. After clicking Connectthe screen will change and tell you that it is trying to connect with the settings you have specified.


Streamyx Modem IP Address. How does it work? Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning This is to ensure your phone wiring is electrically connected to the exchange.

Thanks for your help anyway If everything works OK, you will be shown with the screen in the next step. Just call them up and tell them to reset it.

Please refer to Default Modem Password. A check on the log reveals this: Try connecting a normal phone to the phone socket and see zatech you can hear a Dial-Tone. Rental car lied [ Automotive ] by Jan Janowski. Joey, Trying checking your phone-line.