Locate the CPU socket on the motherboard. Push down the retention bracket lock on the retention mechanism to secure the heatsink and fan to the module base. Click an item to open the folder of the user manual. Connect the fan cables to the fan connectors on the motherboard, making sure that the black wire of each cable matches the ground pin of the connector. The screen display and drivers option may not be the same for different operating system versions. Motherboard Info Displays the general specifications of the motherboard. Not Installed disabled password.

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Find the proper orientation and push down firmly until the connectors completely fit. Bios Menu Screen 2.

Asus M2N-XE User Manual

For system failure due to overclocking, use the C. Running the support CD Confirm the password when prompted.

If the system becomes unstable after changing any BIOS settings, load the default settings to ensure system compatibility and stability. You cannot select an item that is not user-configurable. Load Setup Defaults This option allows you to load the default values for each of the parameters on the Setup menus. The utility copies the current BIOS file to the asuw disk.


Asus M2N-XE Specifications |

Asus Update Utility 2. This utility helps you keep your computer in healthy operating condition. The figure shows a graphics card installed on the PCI Express x16 slot.

Yes uCode Patch Level: Remove the bracket opposite the slot that you intend to use. Incorrect field values can cause the system to malfunction.

Setting to Auto allows automatic selection of the appropriate IDE device type. Assign an IRQ to the card.

M2N-XE Driver & Tools | Motherboards | ASUS Global

The utility copies the current BIOS file to the floppy disk. Select OK to discard any changes and load the previously saved values. See page for details. Connect the chassis power LED cable to this connector. Visit the ASUS website www. When you start up the computer, the system provides you with the opportunity to run this program.

Locate the CPU socket on the motherboard. Do not overtighten the screws! If no USB device is detected, the item shows None. These values are not user-configurable. This chapter describes the motherboard features and the new technologies it supports. If you attempt to exit the Setup program without saving your changes, the program prompts you with a message asking if you want to save your changes before exiting.


If you are not sure about the voltage of the electrical outlet you are using, contact your local power company. The use of shielded cables for connection of the monitor to the graphics card is required to assure compliance with FCC regulations. No more DOS-based flash utility and bootable diskette required. Removing the cap will cause system boot failure! Place six 6 screws into the holes indicated by circles to secure the motherboard to the chassis. Follow these steps to install the CPU heatsink and fan: