Please contact Ampetronic for advice. Options to attenuate or turn off other inputs when microphone 1 is active, and to turn microphone 1 off when below threshold if required. This coil cannot be used in close proximity to a metal panel. Alternative cable may be supplied for some markets. Based on proven and highly reliable technology it is backed by a full 5 year warranty and free technical support. High frequency high signal level response is a dynamic variable and is a function of loop size, loop current and signal content to ensure that no RFI generation takes place.

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Multi pole low pass filter rapidly attenuates signals above 5.

In particular, the use of low cost single—ended microphones reduces cost without any serious penalty. The unit is designed to be installed in the counter situation with a special loop coil which is supplied as standard, but for other applications the unit should be used with SINGLE TURN loops of suitable wire size.

Please contact Ampetronic for further details 5 year warranty applies to the amplifier, but accessories such as microphones are only covered for inductiin year from date of lolp. In addition to the LED metering of compression and loop current, the amplifier includes a loop checking feature that tests the loop for high or low resistance at power-up and indicates any fault.

Tie clip style microphone Desk freestanding microphone Boundary microphone Loop Cable: The loop is m above or below the receiver height There are no metal structures in the plane of the loop There is sufficient voltage to drive the cable length — check table below.



Impedance 60 K Ohms each side, 20 K Ohms differential. Top The system can also be used for many other applications, often in conjunction with separate loop receivers. Forced ventilation is used, with air intake on the left induftion and warm air exhaust from the rear through ventilation grilles. Insert point for connecting Ampetronic Phase Shifter, etc. With appropriate loop array designs, the loop drivers can also be used in areas of high metal losses, and for adjacent rooms or confidential environments where interference or spill-over must be avoided.

Gain constant at 1kHz, adjustable gain slope from 0 to 4dB per octave in 0. Provides access to monitor actual loop current via a 3. Optimised for speech, dynamic range greater than 36dB. Greater than 36V peak, to enable good frequency response with larger inductive loops. Where metal occurs in adjacent structures, significant losses may occur and the area will be much reduced, indkction severely affected frequency response.

This software version can only be purchased under certain conditions defined by the manufacturer! Mating connector for loop output. The equipment is very easy to install and is robust and iild reliable, having a long service record in a wide variety of locations. W x D idl H x x mm, Weight Feedback Found an indjction or want to give us feedback about this page? Connections and facilities on the rear are the same.


While retaining the normal speech dynamics to maximise expression, the total dynamic range is reduced to a level more suitable for hearing aid users. For any Induction Loop System, area coverage is dependent on several factors.

Longer term usage or signals with music or high quality audio must deliver full current to at least 1. The added power of the D provides a solution for installations in environments containing very high levels of metal, previously not possible without the use of combiners.

Compression range 36dB to overload. It can also be used in a “Confessional” environment with the use of a special loop arrangement.

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D10-1 networkable DSP hearing loop driver

The single turn loop also allows a wide, flat frequency response to be reliably achieved. Where metal occurs in adjacent structures, significant losses may occur and the area will be ildd reduced, with severely affected frequency response. Available shortly days This item has been ordered with our suppliers and should be in our warehouse in the next few days. Loop Amplifier For induction loops up to sqm Built-in compressor Loops from 0.

There are very few product exceptions see www. Footprint 93 x 76mm.