As drivers mature the graphics card will improve. But with newer driver versions I have tried I loaded a kung fu video dvd and played ok. After careful consideration I was going to go with the Xi because it was the best performance-to-price ratio. Hi again Marios, just got mine yesterday, tried with a debian based live dvd i have on my desk.

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I think battery is useful mainly as a ups for power outages and when you do presentations. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site including, for example, the order in which they appear. Both came in good condition and there was a good amount of protection around amiilo laptop.

How to Get Surround Sound Working on Kodi (/) | That’s It Guys

I found out that the laptop has a 2GB recovery partition. Surrund course we should not forget that this is a fairly new model one month old so it is expected to have some quirks. So it came down to inch notebooks as high-end graphics cards only come in in notebooks or above. The sound fills my room with ease at around half volume bedroom and would easily fill up a normal sized living room as well.

Only 5 left in stock.

How to Get Surround Sound Working on Kodi (5.1/7.1)

This guide describes the basics of Java, providing an overview of syntax, variables, data types and Another example is when I instruct nvclock to debug the card. My uptime before I went off to vacations was 70 days….


Perhaps adding the pci ids of the GT2x0M in this list could do the job? On the other hand VirtualBox works better with this machine than with my old laptop which had a similar processor with virtualization extensions T Be prepared to by extenders RCA connectors get a male to female.

I didn’t necessarily want tall speakers but they fit fairly out of the way. You can also subscribe without commenting. That is a small annoyance and as I use the laptop more I will get used to it.

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Feature films originally released in Dolby Digital Surround EX the cinema version carry the encoded extra surround channel in their subsequent DVD releases, as well as onto 5. Happy with the system so far. For aurround, if i run nvclock -i -f to force it read my card it returns: If you’re at an actual concert, you hear sound from behind you, and listening to a recording in surround can produce the effect of this noise — coming from behind you, or to the right, or even from above and moving down.

Moving forward, we now also have 7. It workes for a while but then it freeze and gives the same error as yours. I hope surrounf will fix the screen brightness issue eventually.


It turned out that the driver I suggested indeed lead to a kernel panic. In monophonic mono sound systems, the signal sent to the sound system is encoded as one single stream of sound — and the sound is usually received through a single speaker. Hi, Thanks for the review and continuing discussion. Strangely, the backlight can be adjusted in the BIOS passwrod screen only by first increasing the brightness [Fn-F9] — then you can decrease using Fn-F8.

Seems that i made the good choice if i read your review. Surfound to expand slightly on ND’s answer below, the audio jack is intended for use in conjunction with the VGA input, which does not carry audio. Venemo – August 25, I can also connect to unprotected networks. The display looks good, it is very bright and the colors seem impressive but a little blue-ish.

T his week I bought a new laptop although my old one has still plenty of life in surroknd thanks to Intel. Which topic are you interested in?