Reports can be designed by the user for the user, including company logo, barcode labels, etc. This eliminates the time consuming process of manual ordering as well as reduces the rapid travel distances, resulting in faster machining time. Complex operations that contain toolpaths comprising thousands of individual elements will be faster. Alphacam Part Modeler is cost effective and easy to use and comes complete with fully associative drafting capability. Common applications of aggregates are horizontal routing and drilling. The transfer of 5-axis toolpaths between Alphacam and the external Simulator has been optimised. New parameters have been added for break through and slug eject.

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Also new in R1 is aggregate tool holders enabling users to define them with geometry extrusions and rotations, STL and solid CAD models. Tabbed style dialogs have been introduced, and all strategies have Extents visualisation of the area to be cut with dynamic nd directions and start positions. The position of the work plane and profile can be defined.

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A command in the Rough Finish cycle — Previous Tool Profile — automatically uses the profile of the previous tool to generate the new tool path to machine corners where form and shaped tools have left material there.

Please note that Alphacam is not designed for Windows RT. New No Nest Zones allow users to identify bad damaged areas of single or multiple sheets which are then avoided when nesting.

Alphacam R2 A number of new and enhanced items in the latest release of Alphacam software provide improvements with automation, machining and feature extraction.


Flowline creates a toolpath aligned to either the U or V direction of the machining surface. An additional option has been added for pre-drilled holes as the entry type on waveform roughing operations. It is now possible to copy and paste styles in the layer mapping setups tree by right-clicking and selecting A,phacam or Paste on the menu.

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This strategy is superior to the traditional Roughing cycle where machinable geometry features plks offset inward or outward by a stepover. Enhancements to Essential Machining Styles functionality has been added to all Essential modules.

Settings are retained when copying, enhancing efficiency by removing the need to re-apply settings each time a style is applied to a layer. A new checkbox called Associate for auto-update has been added to the Material dialog. The focus has been on helping manufacturers drive down costs, by speeding up their design and production processes, improving efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Automation Manager includes enhancements to simplify the workflow, including Multi-drill control, new Styles functionality, and further support for additional CAD file formats.

Also, layer assignment has been added to the drive surface.

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Bespoke reports and labels can now be created to display CDM specific data. Support for rotary cutting functionality in Mill, Router, and Stone modules. The dynamic preview is available for this command. As CNC machinery becomes more sophisticated Alphacam continues to develop automating the movement of pods, rails and clamps.

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This improves the surface finish and extends the tool life. When editing settings in the Machining Data tab of the Cylindrical Parallel dialog, the Drawing Area will update with a preview of the tool and holder, if applicable.


He says, a new ribbon ncc interface brings Alphacam R1 right up to date as far as interface technology exists, the new interface enables users to quickly find the commands they need, as they are arranged in logical groups, assembled together under tabs. Alphacam R2 Alphacam R2 is bit compatible, meaning its programs can utilise all the available memory. Steep and shallow areas of parts detected allowing for different strategies ppus be adopted, such as a smaller tool step-over in a steeper gradient to that used in a shallow area.

Do you need more information? Opened geometries are automatically closed along the panel edges, allowing for easy machining. Alphacam R2 is bit compatible, meaning its programs can utilise all the available memory.

Many new and enhanced machining techniques and parameters including: They can be overwritten if necessary, for a particular file. Subtle changes to Part Modeler give higher quality image previews, along with commands for aplhacam manipulation including rotation around a specific point or axes, and zoom to a cursor. Sawing operations will now check for fouling against all geometries selected for the same operation.

All standard 2-axis turning operations are quick and easy to generate using Alphacam, with support for both linear and canned cycle NC code. The width of cut is entered as a distance.