Micro Focus users have long designed Windows screens, using the Dialog System screen painter. If you need to mask, encrypt, or otherwise protect sensitive or personally identifiable information PII within the fields of your Vision or converted files, use IRI FieldShield. It has inadequate printed documentation. It has strong Year support. Both Micro Focus and Acucorp provide command-line access to the compiler for those situations where, for example, you need to run a script to compile several programs. RowGen uses the same layout metadata as CoSort and NextForm so you can easily move between test data generation and real data transformation. Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.

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As you might expect with less than one year to go until we reachthere is an emphasis on identifying date-oriented data items and computations. Both vendors have been serving the needs of COBOL programmers for years, but have evolved in different directions to serve different market segments.

Append Mode and Sequential Files: Both products, however, score poorly in user documentation. Acucorp wrote its documentation using Microsoft Help files, while Micro Focus uses two frames of a Netscape browser to display the Help information.


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Download the latest issue today. Dobb’s Archive Farewell, Dr.

Slideshow Video Slideshow Jolt Awards: It has strong Year support. For an important note on this file type, see Connector-Specific Notes. Depending on the overhead required to scucobol-gt, this architecture could bog down a machine under heavy load longer than a Perl script. However, the distinction is probably moot because most COBOL programs, being file manipulation applications, spend the majority of their time waiting on disk input and output. More problematic, however, are performance issues.

Whether that means superior sales is unclear. So for sequential files, the only available mode is Replace. Dobb’s further reserves the right to disable the profile of any commenter participating in said activities.

Acucorp makes you insert a supplied floppy disk at the beginning of the installation to obtain the necessary license information. It has a fast ISAM file system. Dobb’s Journal is devoted to mobile programming.

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Micro Focus has taken a web- oriented tack with NetExpress 2. That serial number unlocks the program for as long as Micro Focus says it can be unlocked. From the list, choose one of the following file types: From my research, most AcuCobol-GT users chose the product because of its strong support for cross-platform development. You can build a project, animate and debug code, and execute programs through the IDE environment. Revolve is a repository into which legacy code is scanned and parsed, and then presented graphically to help you understand what can be reused.


To upload an avatar photo, first complete your Disqus profile. More differences between the two products exist in web programming. Data Masking as a Service.

It has inadequate printed documentation. It has proprietary, instead of industry-standard, middleware implementation.

Vision Files

Not a bad strategy, given those trillions of lines of mainframe COBOL code that deserve a better life outside the glassed-in room. This monthDr. Windows 95 or Windows NT 4. Things get interesting after you design an HTML page. Append mode is supported for indexed and relative files.