There is also a Creation 65 version of this basic shaft that is lighter weight and designed for the better but not Pro player. What we have discovered is that many brands will determine the cost of the shaft depending on the material. The wood interior is made of a composite wood which can break down if it is not taken care of. In fact, the wood composite material is similar to graphite, however, it does give users a more authentic golf shaft experience. The flexibility of the shaft helps determine exactly how the face of the club head will strike the ball. Don’t miss the latest news, exclusive offers and sweepstakes.

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This allows individuals more variety because they do not have to particular stay tied into one brand of clubs. When compared with many of the more well-known shafts on the market, Accuflex shafts offer an affordable alternative for nearly any budget — without sacrificing performance.

The stiff flex material is well designed and allows accudlex better handle holding. The thing that makes the ball “go.

The high bend point means that an individual does have less control. With that said, individuals can expect this shaft to fit different accflex and different quality clubs.

At 55 grams, the Vizion is the lightest AccuFlex shaft. Well designed golf shaft for individuals. When it comes to the grip of the shaft, most brands will offer a quality grip to enhance the quality of the shaft. Small Badge Full Badge. Some brands will offer wedge shafts, putter shafts, and traditional club shafts. Also available in Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff flexes. Golf shafts are gplf the most misunderstood component of a golf club — at least by the average golfer.


About AccuFlex Golf Shafts: The Shaft This shaft, in particular, is made from wood. Has an RBX tip so individuals can get that sweet spot when hitting the ball.

With that in mind, brands also offer precut options, but it is important to read the fine print and the description. When determining the type of shaft you want for your golf club, there are five different flex shafts you can pick from. From the very first hit I knew I had a winner. Therefore, this is one of the main criteria that we took into consideration to ensure that individuals would find their ideal style.

It is stiffer than others so it is best suited for individuals with a lot of upper body strength. Also available as 50″ Long Drive shaft. We are eager to talk about the last shaft on this list, gold particular shaft is expertly designed with an composite wood material. Whether you are a novice or a professional, we hope that this list has helped our audience discover the best golf shafts.

AccuFlex Golf Shafts

Every aspect of the golf club should be analyzed to help ensure you have the best chance to shoot a low score every time you step on the course. Very comfortable design that is easily adjustable. This next shaft has a quality design alongside expert craftsmanship that is perfect for novice or professionals.


There are only a few brands that run the gamut as being the best when it comes to the golf industry.

Accuflex Evolution – Golf Shafts – Diamond Tour Golf

Can fit most club heads. We wish you good luck in your hunt for finding the best golf shafts, and we look forward to hearing how taking the time and finding the right combination has led to lower scores on the golf course for you.

With that in mind, the cost of the shaft can be a bit pricey but it is because of the particular brand and build quality. The flexibility of the shaft helps determine exactly how the face of the club head will strike the ball. So, how do you determine what kind of shaft and flexibility you should have? With that said, we believe that these are the best golf shafts that an individual can purchase today. Here are two points to consider!